Learning how to create websites to using WordPress (Part 3)

by | Oct 1, 2020

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Learning and Relearning

I will be honest I am not the most creative when it comes to layouts with a website.

As mentioned earlier, I typically get inspiration from other websites, then make it my own. This is an excellent way to learn website development and design. But I also wanted my sites to have that pop, that something which was missing in my own sites. I started to look for a website builder.

(Please note, this is not an in-depth look at any of these services.)

I looked at Squarespace, and Wix, as well as some new ones like UKit and UCraft and even WebFlow. However, I didn’t necessarily fall head over heels for them. Then I head about page builders for WordPress, well that sounded intriguing. After some research I looked up the most popular ones: Beaver Builder, Elementor, and Divi. I tried Elementor, while nice the price was a barrier for me, as well as Beaver Builder. I also didn’t click 100% with their demo of the product. Neither of them are bad, in fact, they are great, but not for me. 

Then I found Divi.

Trying Something New

When I first visited Divi’s website, I really liked the look of their page. Not only that I was able to see some layouts they offered. I decided to try their live demo and really liked it. I thought to myself that I could really do some awesome stuff with this.  Another thing that pushed Divi over Elementor for me was the price.

I like that there is either a yearly or lifetime charge. This allows you to create an unlimited number of websites for just one price. Overall from the templates that I saw, I felt that Divi offered more options over Elementor. On top of that, they also add more templates often, so you always have new designs.

So, after a little more research on it, I decided to take the plunge and go with Divi. And I’m glad I did. The ability to have freedom when it comes to creating templates and using themes is great. I really enjoy using the themes that Divi come with. One might think it stifles creativity somewhat but I found it is quite the opposite. Because of what Divi is capable of, I have more freedom creating things within that framework.

Using Divi

If there is something I want to do I can use Divi’s great editor. Not only can you visually adjust text size and content spacing though the Divi Editor you can also add custom Javascript and CSS to your theme. One thing that has helped me is my background in HTML/CSS and JavaScript. Because I understand how they work ‘vanilla’ I am able to better decipher and figure out how to do things with Divi. I am able to save time in writing code and using Divi.

Because I understand how the box model, margin, padding all work, I am able to get a lot accomplished in a short amount of time. And it is all visual. For instance setting font-size to 2em, I am able to see it happen in real-time, no more typing it out, saving it, then heading to the browser and refreshing page. I am able to see it all happen before my eyes and make adjustments on the fly. 

When I came to WordPress I was not too sure of how it worked altogether. I knew about the dashboard but I essentially learned (and am still learning) about WordPress through trial and error. What I like about creating websites in general through WordPress is that when you get stuck, chances are someone has been where you are at. All the resources I use, WordPress, Divi, and Siteground (to name a few) have excellent customer service as well as a community that really helps each other out. Every time I have had an issue or couldn’t figure something out I have been able to go and seek an answer out and get a quick reply and solution. Divi has a great community through their Facebook and forums, as well as through their excellent customer service.

Still Learning

I am still learning Divi and WordPress as a whole. Again, as I mentioned earlier the whole backend of programming threw me off, and I didn’t want to ‘waste time’ trying to figure out something that I honestly was struggling a lot with that almost made me quit website development and design. There are times that I do feel like I am ‘cheating the system’ by using WordPress. But at the same time, I am reminded of the old adage ‘work smarter, not harder’. And I am still creating websites just in a different way now.

On top of that my background in learning about HTML/CSS/JavaScript etc…helped me understand the underlying portions of how WordPress worked. For example, the Box Model and Flexbox and responsive design are still things I have to think about as I create my websites. But what is great about WP and Divi is I am able to better visually see how those things are working in real time. 
Divi is a great tool, powered by a great platform in WordPress.

I am glad that I found Divi. In doing so, it has freed me to focus on being able to grow my design and development skills. It has not stunted them but rather helped me understand how it works even better. Not only that, but WordPress is another skill in web development that requires me to learn new things and stretch myself even more. I have barely scratched the surface of what the platform can do but I am excited to continue to grow. The ability to not only visually design in Divi, as well as finding inspiration through pre-made templates is great.

With Divi, you are not stuck using the template as is, you can modify and add sections to it as you please. You also have access to your own library that you can use in different sections of your site. you can even take sections of a template and download it to your library and then use it in another area or website completely. Even starting from scratch is easy and allows you a lot of possibilities to really make something special.

Final Thoughts

Divi and WordPress are great tools that can help web designers take advantage of the platform and grow their website business and skills. I heartily recommend Divi and encourage you to check it out! As time goes on, I am going to be posting some tips and tricks for Divi that I have learned in order to help you as you start out. 

If you are interested in learning more about Divi, you can check out Divi here!

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