4 tips to start strong with Divi (plus BONUS!)

by | Oct 19, 2020

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Starting strong with Divi

So you’ve decided to jump in to the WordPress pool. You enjoy WordPress’ great CMS features and ease of use. However, one thing you want is a robust editor. You have a creative vision and you want to express it.  Or maybe to get those creative juices flowing you need some help in the design category.

I fit firmly in the second category. It’s not that I am not creative. I just need a little push in the right direction. Perhaps you are the same way. 

WordPress is great. It’s even better with Divi

If you’ve read any of my posts about my coding journey, you know that I am a fan of Divi. Divi takes WordPress and turns it from a powerful backend CMS with a great website builder platform. With Divi you can create websites that are fast, responsive and require little to no coding. And if you do know how to code you can sweeten your site with some cool code modules. 

Today, I want to give you 4 tips to start out strong with Divi:

Divi Builder or Divi Theme

The first thing you will encounter once you sign up for Divi is whether you want to use the Divi Builder or the Divi Theme. What’s the difference? Well, what is great about Divi is that they really Divi is that they give you a lot of options on how you can use Divi.  Let’s break down what these are. 

The Divi Builder is Divi’s Visual Interface Builder which allows you to create custom websites on the frontend visually. What is cool about this is that you can either use the Divi Theme, the Astra Theme or almost any theme you want. Obviously, when using the Builder with the Divi Theme, you will get the most out of Divi, but regardless, the fact that you can use the Divi Builder with almost any theme is great. 

With the Divi Theme option you get the Divi Theme, which includes the Divi Builder. So, in other words you have the visual interface of the Divi Builder that you can then use on the Divi Theme. The Divi Theme allows you to start with a Blank project, a predesigned Child Theme or you can copy/clone an existing project or layout to use. If using the Divi Theme option you don’t need the Divi Builder plugin because the Theme includes the builder automatically with it.  Again, Divi gives you a lot of freedom to be able to make your site your own and create great websites!

Download some plugins

One of the first things you want to do before you take your site live is to make sure you are SEO ready. It’s fine if you have a site but what if no one goes to it or even knows it exists? Two plugins I highly recommend is Yoast SEO and Monster Insights. Both of these plugins are great for analytics and SEO.  With Yoast it prepares your site to be SEO ready in order to rank higher in Google. It helps optimize your site with keywords, and suggestions and crawling. As you write content it helps make sure you are using enough passive voice, subheadings, and Google blurbs. Overall a great plugin that helps your site get better through SEO. Yoast even includes some free and paid training in order to help you understand SEO and get better at ranking and creating content. Overall, a great plugin.

The next plugin to download is Monster Insights, this allows you to see how your site is doing with page views and bounce rate. You can see what pages are doing well and what needs improvement. A neat feature is that it helps with creating a great headline that catches the eye and helps your content rating.  With both of these plugins, you will learn SEO and creating great content hands-on. I highly recommend these plugins for your site. They are both free, but have a paid membership in order to get the most out of them.

Find a hosting Service

When showcasing your website and getting it ready to go live it is important that you pick a reliable hosting service. The service that I use and recommend is Siteground. I have talked about Siteground before on my blog, and highly recommend Siteground. Not only is Siteground a preferred WordPress provider but also a Divi recommended provider. Other than the fact that they have a fast, reliable, secure platform for Divi and WordPress there is not much more that I can say about them. Great prices, awesome customer service and reliable hosting makes Siteground my preferred hosting service for my sites. 

Child Theme or DIY?

After you have chosen where you are going to host and whether you are going to use Divi Theme or Builder you have to choose whether you are going to use a prebuilt child Theme or go your own route and design your own theme from scratch.   What I love about Divi is that either way you go you are set up for success. In fact, if you want to start with a theme then erase some of it and create your own sections or even bring other sections from your library you can do that. Divi makes it easy whether you are using a prebuilt Child Theme or starting your own them from scratch.

You have almost limitless possibilities to create your own site and make it your own. From site colors to animations, to custom code blocks Divi allows you to have freedom in whatever you decide to do. And if you ever get stuck or have an idea and are not sure about how to implement it, just ask! Divi has not only great customer service, but also a thriving community! Check out their forums, join the FB page and even check out Google for some great resources. There is never a lack of information for you to find in order to get the best out of Divi.

Here are some great websites I check out for help and tips with Divi:

Elegant Themes Divi Documentation
Divi Cake
Divi Lover
Divi Soup
Divi Space
Peeaye Creative

So there you have it, these are some quick tips for starting with Divi. 

But wait!

Let me tell you one more awesome tip. It’s admittedly not a so much a tip as much as a cool resource!

Bonus: Divi Marketplace

Divi just recently opened up a Divi Marketplace! This is such a cool resource for Divi lovers and creators. The Marketplace has under one store everything from Child Themes, plugins and extensions. This a great resource where you can buy remade layouts and themes as well as code modules to help with modals and forms and pretty much anything else you can think of.

The marketplace brings a lot of resources that were once scattered around Divi fansites under one umbrella so you can easily find extensions for Divi. This resource is fantastic not just for consumers but also for creators. Need a modal popup extension, check out the marketplace there are some great ones! Better yet, want to create your own modal extension or something that will help Divi lovers work faster and better, you can create it and sell it on the marketplace!

The Divi marketplace is a great resource to create and find resources to help you create better websites faster, as well as allow your creativity to flow as you help others with extensions and themes you create!
The Divi Marketplace has made an already outstanding product even better! 

Finishing Strong

I would encourage you to check out the different resources I have linked to and try them out. Save time and create more with Divi all while having fun! These resources have helped me out a lot and I hope they are a great help to you!
Thanks again for reading and come check it out again as we look at how to set up a custom header and footer, as well as other great tips with Divi!

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